There’s a new blog in town

– written by Ali Liebert

And a trio of young filmmakers to go with it!

I am so pleased to welcome you to the Sociable Films website, created by our ridiculously talented Michelle Ouellet.

If you are hearing about our production company for the first time – don’t fret, my pet.  We’ve made it easy for you.

Our Mandate: “Sociable Films is a boutique film production company based in Vancouver, British Columbia & was founded in 2011 by Nicholas Carella, Ali Liebert & Michelle Ouellet who were unified by similar creative goals and a desire to “make movies sociably”. “Making movies sociably” is an artist driven philosophy, where artists’ resources and talents are pooled and shared in a familial spirit, resulting in films that are both artistically fulfilling and fiscally responsible.  Sociable Films believes that by working together, artists will have the ability to say “yes” more often to the projects, stories and ideas that inspire them, by building a community of people interested in helping each other succeed. Sociable Films aims to be internationally recognized for creating critically acclaimed, award winning film, television and new media projects while maintaining our unique voice which is distinctly homegrown.”

Most importantly, we are three determined friends who spend as much time as possible skyping (in our pj’s, of course) whilst nurturing, developing and hustling projects which mean something to us.

Please explore our website and don’t hesitate to contact us! We’re serious.

Goodnight or good morning, and thanks for visiting.

Team Sociable (Nick, Ali and Michelle)

making movies sociably 

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