LineUps & Tickets & Trailers, Oh My!


This is going to be a jam packed Afterparty-esque blog if there was ever was one! On Tuesday, the Whistler Film Festival announced their very exciting lineup and we are thrilled to announce that Afterparty has two fantastic screenings during the fest, both at the 250 seater Millennium Place, in Whistler Village.

I am predicting (she says whilst crossing her fingers and toes) that both screenings will be sold out, so be sure to get your tickets online ( HERE ) as soon as you can.  The majority of the cast and key crew will be in attendance to both screenings so we will be doing talk backs after the movie.

Our cast: Nicholas Carella, Emma Lahana, Peter Benson, Erica Carroll, Ali Lieber, Jodi Balfour, David Milchard, Christina Sicoli and Graham Coffeng

Three other films I am personally going to check out are my buddy Teach Grants film “Down Here”, the legendary Bruce McDonald’s film “The Husband”, (starring our very own Jodi Balfour) and my homegirl Tat’s movie, “Cas & Dylan”.

Can you believe it? Only one month today until our World Premiere! Can. Not. Wait.

So to tide you Afterpartiers over, we present to you our trailer:

Please share and comment as much as your heart desires.

Also let us know what films you are seeing at Whistler and as always, thanks for supporting Sociable Films! #makingmoviessociably #gocanada


Liebs (from chilly Toronto)

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